Holmesglen’s Industry Alliance Contributes to Workplace Safety

HOLMESGLEN INSTITUTE OF TAFE in Chadstone has proudly assisted in the development of a safety device that is now in line to win a number of awards. Holmesglen Glass and Glazing staff assisted a Melbourne chiropractor in developing an innovative glass transportation & installation unit, which has already won the 2004 Invention of the Year Special Commendation Award. The Australian made Quattrolifts Nomad 200 is now up for the Victorian Worksafe as well as the Engineers Australia Awards and has a good chance of winning.

Launched to industry March 2005, Quattrolifts Nomad 200 was designed by Rick Carlei, to optimize safety and revolutionise how glaziers transport and install sheets of glass.

“Quattrolifts Nomad 200 allows glaziers to transport and install a 200kg sheet of glass with just 2 people, normally a task performed by 6,” explained Mr Carlei. During his career, Mr Carlei has witnessed many crippling muscular and laceration injuries experienced by glaziers as a consequence of carrying hundreds of kilograms of glass in factories and on sites. “Some will never work again”, he said.

In 2003 Mr Carlei approached Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Glass and Glazing Department Head, Alan Reidy, to evaluate his idea. The increased safety benefits to workers were apparent and the Institute worked closely with Mr Carlei to assist in developing a prototype. “We were happy to offer technical advice on what to look for when installing glass. Installation was a primary concern with the Quattrolifts Nomad 200 and we assisted Rick by demonstrating all the tricks of trade,” said Mr. Reidy.

The TAFE’s glazing apprenticeship program now incorporates Quattrolifts Nomad 200 as part of the training module nationally. This program ensures that all glazing apprentices are trained on how to use the Quattrolifts Nomad 200 efficiently. By training apprentices in how to use the Quattrolifts Nomad 200 and encouraging its use within industry, the risk of injuries can be greatly reduced. The device provides a safe alternative for companies in a climate of increased awareness and attention towards Occupational Health & Safety issues. Holmesglen is the sole provider of training to Victorian glazing apprentices, currently with 180 apprentices and 120 part time students who complete a level of training throughout the year.

“As part of the alliance, Holmesglen provides customers with 4 hours of training on the correct use of Quattrolifts Nomad 200”, said Mr. Reidy. This develops stronger industry ties with Holmesglen, which is a recognised leader in training and development for Victorian businesses.

Product development is continuing and is currently focused on the need to rotate sheets of glass from the horizontal to the vertical. Without the assistance of Quattrolifts Nomad 200, this was a difficult task to perform.