OMNI 880

400 Kg (880 Lbs)

The Omni 880 is a reliable, efficient and safe method of handling nearly any smooth, nonporous material, including glass, metal, stone, plastics and laminates.

  • 880 Lbs lifting capacity
  • Remote control electric horizontal tilt to 90 degrees
  • 360 degrees manual rotation
  • Side pivot – 90° left + right (within forklift specifications)
  • Easily secures to forklift
  • Wireless remote control for Dual pump vacuum system
  • Safety chain
  • Upgrade capacity to 1320 Lbs with larger cups
  • Vacuum cups and modified frame to lift curved glass
  • Foam Vacuum Pads for Stone

Upgrade to 1320 Lbs capacity

Vacuum Cups & Modified Frame for Curved Glass

Foam Vacuum Pads for Stone


Lifting capacity: 880 Lbs
Handles glass 196” x 144”
Remote control horizontal tilt
Six adjustable 12” vac cups
24 V power supply
2 x 50 Amp 12 V batteries
110 - 220 V charger
Dual pump vacuum system
360 degree rotation
Secures to forklift tynes
Machine weight = 528lbs


Ross Torr
Ross TorrClean View Windows
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Would just like to say that we have owned a Quattrolifts Express 440CW which we bought from you approximately 6 weeks ago, this machine is better than you told us, as a Director of the business, I am always worried about OH&S and this machine lifts everything plus more! Also thanks very much for the after sales back up service you have given us, coming back to explain the machine to my staff was fantastic and they have all commented on what you showed them. Once again I am happy for you to show this to any of your customers in our area.